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Education Background

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Annual fees as prescribed in the prospectus are payable at the time of registration. Tuition fees are to be paid in six bimonthly installments i.e.

  • 1st Installment (April to May) to be paid by 10th April
  • 2nd Installment (June to July) to be paid by 10th June
  • 3rd Installment (Aug. to Sept) to be paid by 10th Aug
  • 4th Installment (Oct. to Nov) to be paid by 10th Oct
  • 5th Installment (Dec. to Jan) to be paid by 10th Dec
  • 6th Installment (Feb. to March) to be paid by 10th Feb

Fee of Rs. 20/- per week will be charged along with the bimonthly fees in case of delay in payment.

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