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Our Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methods are closely linked to our school mission to help students discover their unique abilities, to become aware of their place in a globalized world, and lastly, to ensure that each of our students is provided with the opportunity to access our curriculum.
At Symbiosis Public School we know that one of the main ways to enable a student to learn effectively is through practical teaching. We focus on the requirements of our student by continuous monitoring and personal interactions, which enables us to notice the progress of our student.
Our teaching method combine the best practices of learning for and by the student. To this end, our method is anchored in key areas which support the learning pathway of our students; our approach is mutually supportive and seeks to foster the knowledge and skills required to successfully see our school programs. A team of highly qualified teachers, high-quality study materials, weekly tests and quality control of the students are some of our main tasks to maintain the interest and daily effort of our students and employees in our school.

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